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With our easy, common sense approach, we can transform your design to a 3D SolidWorks sketch model as easy as 1-2-3. Our experienced mechanical design engineers will implement the latest design approaches to save you time, money, and resources. Our design approach is simple, as follows:


Step one: provide us with your preliminary hand drawn sketch, 2-D drawings, or solid prototype.

Step two: Our team of experts will develop a 3D SolidWorks rendering of your concept for you to review and request any changes, if needed.

Step Three: After your approval, our experienced designers will create the final drawinds or 3D printed model.


Our experience working for the manufacturing industry, but not limited to, include the following sectors:

Automotive Products
Consumer Goods
Packaging Design
Cabinet 3D Design
Medical Products
Lighting Products
Exercise Equipment


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  • We provide full product design solutions
  • We provide prototyping for inventors and model makers
  • Provide 3D printed concept models
  • We provide design engineering solutions for companies in various industries
  • We design your idea from concept to development
  • Our services include product packaging, design and development
  • We have experience providing product and engineering expertise design for the ever changing manufacturing industry­

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Welcome to Solid Design 1-2-3


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We provide 3D CAD/Solidworks product-design 3d printing, prototyping, machine design, and engineering solutions for clients in multiple industries.